1/5 We must build visionary economy that is very different than the one that we are leaving behind right now. This requires stopping the bad while at the same time as building the new. We must change the rules to redistribute resources and power to local communities.
2/5 #JustTransition initiatives are shifting from dirty energy to #EnergyDemocracy, from funding highways to expanding #PublicTransit, from incinerators & landfills to #ZeroWaste, from industrial food systems to #FoodSovereignty, from gentrification to community land rights,..
3/5 ...from military violence to peaceful resolution, and from rampant destructive development to ecosystem restoration. Core to a #JustTransition is #DeepDemocracy in which workers and communities have control over the decisions that affect their daily lives.
4/5 To liberate the soil and to liberate our souls we must decolonize our imaginations, remember our way forward and divorce ourselves from the comforts of empire.
5/5 We must trust that deep in our cultures and ancestries is the diverse wisdom we need to navigate our way towards a world where we live in just relationships with each other and with the earth.
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