A section of the Hindutva RW has now been actively opposing PM Modi and his policies. Some of those critiques are valid. However, this is a dangerous trend. Because once a Hindutva opposition emerges, it would leave us with zero alternative. All liberals will be sidelined(1/8)
Even the Congress will be left with no choice but to adopt Hindutva ideology in order to win elections. This would led to marginalization of liberals, Marxists, communists, socialists,libertarians and normal fiscal conservatives. The process has already started(2/8)
The country has a whole will be brainwashed and elections will only be about power, not ideology. Our politicians have already proved that personal matters and ambitions take over ideology. How else can one explain Jyotiraditya Scindia joining BJP?(3/8)
The fact that he left Congress isn't surprising. Whats surprising is that he joined BJP. I dont want to sound alarmist but there's just no way to be sure that a totalitarian version of Hindutva takes over. And I mean legally. Why do they talk so much about Hindu rashtra?(4/8)
Nobody can define it in one term. For some, it is literally a country only for Hindus. These are MPs now, thanks to BJP. Others have a vague definition. However, most conflate opposition to BJP to be anti national. Some conflate India with modi.(5/8)
These are, of course, the BJP's young rockstars. The Tejasvi Suryas of the world. They don't get tired of comparing India with literal Islamic theocracies. The anti-Modi RW has emerged partly because a large portion of these ppl believe Hindutva=Pro India(6/8)
Which simply isn't true. India doesn't need a Hindutva opposition. It needs a strong liberal opposition. An opposition that cares about this country and its citizens. An opposition that wants to tackle real issues. An opposition which has a real chance against Mr. Modi(7/8)
I have long argued tht both liberals&conservatives are necessary for a functioning democracy.A country where both the opposition and the ruling party believe in one ideology is in real danger of totalitarianism. Especially if the ideology itself has totalitarian connotations(8/8)
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