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When Yoongi meets Jimin, it’s a completely wrong moment.

Yoongi is a lawyer. Jimin is getting a divorce.

Jimin is broken. Yoongi is not much better.

Can two wrongs make a right?
⚖︎ lawyer yoongi
⚖︎ jimin getting a divorce
⚖︎ angst, anxiety, depression, trauma, ptsd
⚖︎ healing from relationship abuse (both physical & psychological)
⚖︎ jimin builds his life again (and maybe yoongi too)
⚖︎ yoongi helps jimin a bit more than is a part of his job description
⚖︎ yoongi dealing with his own things
⚖︎ the tone is quite sad, but hopeful
⚖︎ side namkook, side 2seok
⚖︎ tae is an aromantic asexual
trigger warnings:
⚖︎ jimin has endured relationship abuse & is suffering from ptsd symptoms and anxiety due to that
⚖︎ yoongi is depressed & has some problems with managing his life
⚖︎ i'll add more trigger warnings if more appear


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