Finding a definitive timeline of Storm's red opal online is near impossible, especially given that there is a character in X-Men canon named Opal.
I'll get into this on tonight's show, but the continuity of a random element of Cockrum's costume design is bananas
Beginning with the fact that there's no agreement on what gem it is or its origin! Is it an Opal? Is it a Ruby?
Does the red opal serve as an interdimensional portal? It might be the connection between Storm and M'Rin's world. . . Is it part of the Madripoor Set that when combined can definitely create interdimensional portals and maybe crucify Gambit? um yup!
Hey! Fun fact! Adastra in Africa by BWS was actually Lifedeath 3! Guess I need to order that immediately
Does the red stone contain the soul of Candra? Could be!
What makes all of this baffling is that the Ruby/Opal is very clearly from Storm's mother, and yet multiple writers have thrown other red stones into stories that could be confused for the original cameo.
The Opal from Before the Storm is clearly not Storm's, but it's written in a way that suggests it is. Candra's "Heart of Darkness" is not Storm's but is initially introduced in a way that suggests it is.
I guess the biggest question I have about it is how the heck Storm got the gem back after the Siege Perilous?
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