i feel like if youre asking indigenous communists on here what "land back would look like" with the vague threatening accusation of assuming its an "ethnostate" your left politics have made zero room for decolonization and you should spend time actually fixing that
in the anglo settler states the very least you could do is read Coulthard and Simpson as a start
i didn't expect this to blow up, but i'll add some specific books here since it is at 1K. starting off:

- Glen Coulthard's "Red Skin, White Masks"
- Leanne Simpson's "As We Have Always Done"
- Audra Simpson's "Mohawk Interruptus"
- Shiri Pasternak's "Grounded Authority"
- Sheldon Krasowski's "No Surrender"
- Robin Kimmerer's "Braiding Sweetgrass"
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