Do you ever pause to think about how little #MewGulf have in common? Not only are they 6 years apart in age, they have opposite personalities, opposite interests, opposite tastes. One likes sport, the other likes music. One is stiff in romantic situations, the other is a big sap.
One likes the mountain, the other likes the sea. One can't eat spicy food, the other likes it. One is a introvert, the other mostly an extrovert. One prefers cats (tho G likes both), the other dogs, and so on a so forth. We could continue forever with their likes and dislikes.
When they first met, there was nothing they could bond over a part from their job and ROV (god bless ROV). In normal circumstances, it's very likely that they would have never even met. But you know what's even more incredible when I think about it? That despite having almost
nothing to bond over, they immediately dedicated a good chunk of their free time to each other. Thanks to their old tweets and what they have told us in interviews, we know that they initially spent hours at the phone with each other to read TharnType's novel.
We also know that nobody requested that from them. They could have easily read it separately and discussed it, if needed, during workshops. There was no need to spend hours at the phone with each other everyday. There was also no need to bond over games.
Think about it, Gulf is an introvert. I'm an introvert. While I'm perfectly okay with messaging about things I am passionate about, I can't deal with long calls unless it's with really close friends (which MewGulf weren't at the time) and even less with videocalls.
A ten-minute call with someone I don't know well can drain me for hours. But Gulf talked with Mew for hours. Everyday. And yes, you could say he did it out of dedication for his job, but not only was that not required of him, he also spent more unrequited time with Mew
by playing games with him. This obviously applies to Mew too. Mew wasn't required to bond with Gulf outside of job spaces. He wasn't required to invent more and more ways to approach the quiet kid out of workshops and make Gulf open up to him.
Again, someone could say that they were always simply very passionate about their job, and though I do believe that they are, I also think that wasn't quite what pushed them to make such big efforts to get closer to each other.
If it was only dedication to their jobs, their videocalls should have stopped sooner or later, but they never did. If Mew was filming and Gulf was already home, they videocalled while Mew was on lunch break. When filming of the series was over they still videocalled.
We have proofs of them videocalling each other first thing in the morning and just before going to sleep. Videocalls in the bathroom late at night. Even when they spent the whole day together. To do what? Talk about what? They have no common interest... So why?
It's a question that plagued my mind for a long time in the past: why? Why leave your comfort zone to find common ground with this random person you're just working with? Why put so much effort into building a relationship with them? Why so eager to know more about each other?
The answer is self-evident nowadays. The way they continuously compromise and the way they behave around each other wouldn't fall under the "friends" category even if we stretched it and considered most of what they do fan service. I even doubt that they were ever friends.
We always go on and on about their chemistry, but isn't what we call chemistry simply attraction to the people involved? The way they got interested in eo at auditions, Gulf reacting only to Mew, initiating kisses, prolonging kisses, the clinginess.. sounds like attraction to me.
And look at them now. Mew doesn't like crispy pork, but cooks it for Gulf and eats it just so the boy doesn't have to eat all by himself. Gulf doesn't like sweets, but goes to bake cookies at Mew's. Gulf isn't originally a romantic or detail-oriented person, and he's awkward
when it comes to expressing his feelings, but he constantly goes out of his way to create special moments for Mew, give him little presents and show him that he cares. Because it's important to Mew. Mew is originally hot-headed and impatient, but I can't be the only one who
realized how much he has mellowed down in the past months. You only need to see how he was early last year or before that to spot the difference. It's evident in how gentle he is whenever he touches Gulf. Even when he grabs him, it's never forceful, it's so so delicate.
He doesn't raise his voice. Because Gulf doesn't like it. And this is not the first time someone reprimanded him for it, but this is the first time he actually managed to "correct" himself. Gulf on the other hand has turned into a whole baby. He had his cute moments before,
his simplicity and his sweet smile have always been cute, but now he's out of this world cute. He knows how to use his cuteness to his advantage too, because Mew is weak to it. They constantly adjust to each other and change together. It's evident in their behavior but it's
also evident in the way they look together. I can't help thinking about it when I look at pictures taken early last year. They have always been good looking separately and they were always a sight together, but it's nothing compared to the way they complement each other now.
Whenever they are together now, I feel like I understand why Thai people say that two people look alike to say that they are soulmates. Because they do. Look alike. Look perfect. Look like they were made for each other. Their pictures always look like wedding pictorials.
That didn't happen out of nowhere though. It took time. It took effort. It still takes all that and everyday I spend watching them evolve together I feel like I've never witnessed a better example of love in my whole life. The good, healthy and happy kind.
Gulf put his utmost trust in Mew when he said he thought that Mew would protect him and Mew did the same with Gulf when he decided to open his heart to him instead of keeping his distance. There were bumps in their relationship and I'm sure there will be more, but
I'm confident that they'll get through all of them, if they keep evolving together.

I don't want to put a label on them because it's limiting (tho I do joke about them being boyfriends), but sometimes I really do stop and think: for whom would I make such an effort?
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