You can’t hear the sounds of our energy and food sectors crashing over the chants of “stay at home”...

By people who have no idea what they are doing to our country.
For YEARS there have been some of us shouting back at the masses trying to control how we produce food and energy

We were always told to “just get along”

Better buck up and make some hard choices or be prepared to deal without.

People who make the food won’t starve.
Roundup lawsuits, NON-GMO butterflies, CAFO restrictions, EPA mandates, Democrats, MPG requirements, “organic” food movement, trucker drive time restrictions, direct beef sales regulations, Republicans, undercover animal rights videos...

Welcome to the future

Past-2019 : We want to know where our food and energy comes from!!!

2020-? : We want to know if there will be food and energy!!!
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