1. One very strange thing about the anti-quarantine protests is that none of the protesters are protesting Trump.

Trump has issued federal guidelines recommending a national quarantine through May 1 and, in most states, for many weeks after that https://popular.info/p/make-america-protest-again
3. That's why Trump is actively supporting the protesters even though his own policy says to listen to state and local officials.

The purpose is to shift blame from Trump to governors.

The fact that the entire thing is incoherent is not important https://popular.info/p/make-america-protest-again
4. Trump is not alone. He has the support of Fox News and some of the best-funded right-wing operatives in DC

These protesters aren't REFLECTING public opinion (the stay-at-home orders have broad support). They are trying to CHANGE public opinion. https://popular.info/p/make-america-protest-again
5. The way to shift public opinion is to turn the stay-at-home orders from a health issue to a political litmus test.

If you support Trump, you oppose the orders and blame the governors for any problems.

And that's exactly what they are trying to do. https://popular.info/p/make-america-protest-again
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