I dedicate my first thread ever to medical trainees. At this point in the pandemic it's safe to say we are putting our medical trainees at risk for #COVID19 illness and death when we:
#medtwitter 1/12
1. fail to acknowledge the risk of asymptomatic #COVID19 transmission in our health care centers
2. fail to take universal precautions to protect against asymptomatic Covid transmission with all patients and staff
#medtwitter 2/12
3. fail to adequately step-up universal precautions to protect against high risk viral exposure both acutely during high risk procedures and chronically with prolonged, recurrent exposure to #COVID19 virus in our hospitals and clinics #medtwitter 3/12
4. don't test trainees and other health workers on their teams to see who is already infected, working while sick and potentially transmitting #COVID19
5. don't test all patients entering our hospitals and clinics #medtwitter 4/12
5. fail to acknowledge the high percentage of false negative #Covid tests when we do test trainees, staff and the patients they serve
#medtwitter 5/12
6. subject trainees to prolonged, recurrent, high viral #Covid exposure in hospitals despite known risk for morbidity and mortality
#medtwitter 6/12
7. force trainees to work, while symptomatic
8. continue to have trainees work prolonged hours (80 hours a week on average)
9. continue to have trainees work without adequate sleep despite the risks of illness and death with #COVID19
#medtwitter 7/12
10. fail to transition to telemedicine visits for all appropriate visits and institute other innovative measures to reduce #COVID19 transmission in hospitals, clinics and communities
#medtwitter 8/12
11. fail to provide alternative rotations for medical trainees at high risk for Covid morbidity due to pre-existing conditions,...
#medtwitter 9/12
12. don't offer hazard pay and paid sick leave for trainees in the pandemic
#medtwitter 10/12
13. don't give adequate quarantine time for trainees when early evidence points to prolonged viral contagion and poor immunity gains over time
#medtwitter 11/12
Our medical trainees are not soldiers in a war. Our health professionals are not dispensable. The lives of all essential workers are precious to all and should be protected in the pandemic, so they can contribute to this important work for years to come. ❤️😷 #medtwitter 12/12
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