94 people died in GA yesterday - a 14% jump, yet Governor Kemp is reopening gyms, salons, bowling alleys and restaurants among other establishments. The majority of epidemiologists have advised against this.
More than 1800 people in the US have died every day since April 7 and according to some, that may be an undercount. To put that in perspective, 1774 Americans die per day from heart disease and 1641 die per day from cancer.
The CDC’s projections made in March suggested that 160-214 million people could be infected and depending on the death rate, between 200k and 1.7 million could die. The CDC also suggests that upwards of 2.4 million-21 million people could require hospitalization
Science/medical communities indicate reopening states is a grave and unconscionable decision. Yes, the economy will suffer incredible damage, the likes of which may take years to recover, but to quote a nurse in my church “It’s hard to enjoy a good economy if you’re dead”.
To exacerbate the risk of sickness and death for economic or political expediency is the opposite of what God commanded, “seek the welfare of the city, for in its welfare you will find your welfare”. The economy itself isn’t sentient. People are. Their flourishing matters
It’s a sad reality to watch self proclaimed “All Lives Matter” folks swiftly morph into “No Lives Matter” folks for the sake of a dollar. This is a shameful decision that will most certainly kill people we know and love. So much for being holistically “pro life”. Crying shame...
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