Call this a public service announcement: not one single piece of actual evidence has been presented on those DHSC claims. Not one. Until that happens, it's impossible to assess them. Please do remember that. The fact that we can imagine something to be true does not make it true.
That is not a comment on the validity of the claims. My point is that the basic evidence principle must apply - if we stop doing that the damage could be sever. So frankly: I am gobsmacked by the 1000s of RTs of, at this point, entirely unsubstantiated claims.
All may prove to be true: that possibility is of course there. And yes: we've seen actions in the past that raise questions now, and the DHSC response flurry is odd to say the least. I get all that. But the bottom line remains: none of those things are actual evidence.
And just in case the evidence is presented, let me add this right away as I see people being attacked for points similar to mine: no, I wouldn't end up feeling bad about this thread were that to be the case. Asking for evidence is the right thing to do here. /end
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