Today I'm going to make a "Home made" fruit tart, using my secret ingredient... cheating! ☺
It's actually a really quick, easy and cheap way to do it. The total cost of this lot was £6 and if you get your timing right you can do the whole thing in 30-40 mins
I'll post pics as i'm making it...its going to be this afternoon's "what can I do instead of doing what I need to do without it looking like I've done nothing" activity! 😊
Here we go! Once defrosted, roll out your pastry until it's the size and shape you need and a couple of mm thick, then prick all over with a fork! I do this on grease proof paper so I don't have to muck about with flour!
If you don't have a rolling pin use a straight glass!
Line your tin with grease proof paper (you'll thank me later) then lay your pastry in! Make sure to press it in at the edge and corners so there's no voids and crimp the edges with your fork! I don't have a suitable tin so I used this iron pan! Anything oven proof will do
You need to "blind bake", so add another layer of grease proof paper on top and fill it with dried peas or rice! And press it firmly before chucking it in the oven for 20 mins
About 15mins into cooking, remove the layer of paper with the rice and pop it back in the oven to crisp up the base!
Top tip for the jelly.. chop it as small as poss, only put 1/4 pint water in then wack it in the microwave for 2 mins
Line your cooled down pastry base with frozen apple slices
Add a few handfuls of frozen fruit to your jelly mix! ( use what you want, I've gone for strawberry, rassberry and strawberry jam. But have fun with it).
The frozen fruit will add the extra water you need to the mix and it will Start to set the jelly almost immediately.
Before the jell sets too much, spoon your mix into your case making sure it goes all the way to the edges, then whack it in the fridge!
At this point the jell will almost be set any way so if your in a hurry you can eat it after about 10-25 mins! But we're having ours later
Once set, lift it out of the tin using the grease proof paper (told you you'd thank me) and slide it onto a plate ready for serving!
If you use suger free jelly, this is a really nice healthy(ish) desert! That if you use frozen ingredients will take less than an hour tops!
Final top tip for this thread! Seeing as you will have it in the freezer now anyway, frozen fruit makes a great alternative to ice cubes in your favourite drink!
Peace out! ✌
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