Ghislaine is a deep Agent for Israel.

Who else gets a submarine license?! Just like her dad, Robert Maxwell. Who was given a state funeral in Israel that included every past living head of the Mossad. Just like Epstein.

So we're looking HIGH and LOW for her? Submarine wars.
Epstein's GHISLAINE MAXWELL has a Submersible Craft/Submarine Pilot's License, as well as a HELICOPTER/Small Plane Pilot's License. She had a Non PROFIT organization TerraMar re Oceanic Study/Education.
Ghislaine Maxwell also dated Gateway computers founder Ted Waitt. She has a submarine license, and piloted the submarine aboard his Plan B yacht. Waitt donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. His connections helped Maxwell launch TerraMar.
Jeffrey Epstein used submarines to traffic kids for ritualistic sex and torture to many so called elites.

Ghislaine Maxwell has a submarine pilot's license.

Anybody gets too close, they'll get hit with a torpedo 😂
How many levels below?

“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

SATAN has left the WH.
I've NEVER heard in my life there was such a thing as a "submarine license."

Ghislaine Maxwell got one.

Very useful for trafficking, really.

Not just girls. This will end up being a horrific serial mass murder ritualistic luciferian case. There is a reason the pimp Ghislaine Maxwell had a submarine license.

Epstein spent $66 million to fill in the tunnels on his island. G. Maxwell has submarine license.
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