On 26th October 1985, a scientist named Dr Emmett Brown sent an unsuspecting local teenager back in time.

This whole event can teach us some valuable lessons about #coronavirus
Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you some amazing true stories about historical events and how they can teach us important lessons during #covid19.

Today is no different.

Let the lesson begin!
In 1980s America, the boom of capitalism led many entrepreneurial scientists to create a range of incredible inventions.

Just look at this amazing HANDS FREE telephone system, and a home hair-cutting machine! Incredible.
One such scientist was Dr. Emmett Brown.

He was famed for inventing an unsuccessful mind-reading machine, as well as a contraption to feed his dog.
One of his lesser-known devices was actually a time-travelling car.

On 26th October 1985, Dr. Brown invited a local teenager he’d befriended, Martin McFly, to meet him in the car park of a shopping centre at 1am.

I mean, red flags everywhere.
For some reason, Martin accepted the invitation.

Here he is:
As if it wasn’t bad enough that Emmett had invited a teenager to a car park in the middle of the night, he then got in to a disagreement with some Libyan gentlemen and inadvertently catapulted Martin back to 1955.
The historical accuracy of Martin’s account of his time in 1955 is disputed, as he claims to have affected everything from local politics to the career of music legend Chuck Berry.

He even claimed he had to fend off repeated romantic advances from his own mother.
Even stranger, eye-witness accounts claim that the McFly family started to disappear from photographs, leaving young Martin no choice but to attempt a risky return back to the future.
Why do we tell you this true, totally-accurate historical story?

Well, it seems to us that there are three lessons we can take from it during the time of #coronavirus.
1. If a wacky scientist (or anyone) invites you to a car park (or anywhere) at 1am (or any time) in the next few weeks, politely decline.

That way, you won’t have to risk your family disappearing.
2. Sometimes, even though she might not think so, the best way to show your affection to your mum is to NOT see her for a while.
3. That home hair-cutting machine would actually be INCREDIBLY useful right about now.

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