#Covid19 is a public health challenge. There is no cure, no vaccine, no magic wand to erase it. The only way to slow down the spread is to follow quarantine guidelines. Stay home. Stay safe. But understandably it isn't as simple if you're in #Afghanistan.
There is no stimulus check arriving in the mail. All governments are hard-pressed & Afg is no exception. With a small economy, high poverty rate, war, and unfriendly neighborhood, this pandemic exacerbates every aspect of life. It's a depression for daily wage laborers already.
Despite these challenges, admittedly there are shortcomings but this admin is doing everything at disposal to keep the public safe. SM, and fake news creates mass hysteria. Not every grave is a result of COVID19. Amplifying every death online causes more tension and frustration.
This pent up aggression translates into abuse towards the gov. Many Afghans inflame the situation. While they mean good they're also far removed from reality and stoke the blame game. This is a collective responsibility, gov is only one actor. Encourage people to stay home.
Help the needy. This is not only the government's challenge, its unprecedented, the scale of which has not been seen before. Many developed countries are struggling. Europe and US are unable to cope with aftershocks. Expecting Afghanistan to outperform these nations is illogical.
Doctors and health workers are risking their lives to help patients as they come. Lack of supplies is not their fault, neither is it the government. No nation had adequately prepared for this emergency. The world is in uncharted waters. I hope we all play our roles responsibly.
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