why tharntype is one of the best bl series out there

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walang nag aantay pero weyt mga sis mars school works muna hehe
start ko na thread tapos na ko sa aming biology homeworks jfjcjfjc
tharntype is if not the best, is one of the bl series out there which gave us quality production and amazing plot.
many people are calling out tharn touching type without consent. Yes, those kinds of actions shoul not be tolerated and should be called out, esp in real life. But tbh, those actions of tharn were very very realistic, it happens in reality, and i believe it is one of the factors-
that made tharntype a great series. don't hate me jdjcjcjff i am fully against of what tharn did to type, it shouldn't be romanticized at all. But what i meant with the one factor that made the series great, is how the show manifested events that can happen in reality.
tharn and type are both freshies, and they commit mistakes and make decisions without thinking thoroughly. maybe what tharn did on ep 1 is the only thing that can piss type off that he can think of. imagine being pushed by your roommate just because your gay?
maybe tharn just wanted to get back and that's the best revenge that he could think of. see?? it shows the reality,, tharn didn't think well of what he did and just commited it because he wanted to get even. it can happen in real life, maybe we also did the same mistake in the--
past,, siguro not exactly katulad ng ginawa ni tharn, but i'm pretty sure we had the same time in our lives when we didn't think of something thoroughly and let our emotions take over.
pati yung banyo scene sa ep 3,, that ain't right!! we shouldn't romanticize that :)))
moving on,, isang scene that deserves all the praise ayy nung inamin ni tharn na hinawakan niya si type without consent
isa pang factor na nakakapagpaganda dito sa series na ito ayy yung character development. from tharn touching type without consent, type speaking to everyone impolitely, to them being great individuals :))) this series shows us that we can change for the better
isama mo na din na tinulungan ni type si tar because he knew how it felt to be raped. jsndjxjdjfjf yes we stan type!!
pinakita den ng tharntype ang love between siblings, tar and tum showed us how powerful brotherly love is,, yes alam kong may lihim na pagtingin si tum towards tar pero he chose to be a brother that assists his lil bro rather than being a lover :)))
unrequited love na ang meron si tum in the first place and he knows that,, this also reflects reality, na hindi lahat ng pagmamahal nagsusuklian the way we wish it to be.
lhong's situation showed us how love can drive us crazy,, he did unreasonable things because of love, aside from these napakita ren ng pwesto ni lhong how people can feel extremely lonely na kapag may taong dumating satin na magpapakita saten ng average affection, agad agad--
tayong na aattach,, pero despite of what happened to lhong, that ain't an enough reason na magparape ng tao :((( i hope in tharntype season 2 he'll go to prison, he caused tar trauma ;(((
the actors who portrayed the characters are really great mga mamser jusq, applause for all of them!! tharntype wouldn't be this great if the actors didn't know how to act :))
andami pang maganda sa series na to, if you haven't watched it yet and you've read this thread,, sorry na po sa spoilers ejjdjdjfjf pero panooren nyo hehehe :))) tharntype has been aired months ago, but still the impression it left us is still there🤧❤️

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