• fav Community eps •
- S1EP2: Spanish 101 (I hate Pierce but this is one of my fav Pierce eps)
- S1EP3: Introduction to Film (🥺)
- S1EP4: Social Psychology (wHy aNnIe)
- S1EP7: Introduction to Statistics
- S1EP9: Debate 109 (“he dropped him because he was horny” HSJDHSHD)
- S1EP11: The Politics of Human Sexuality (the escort character was so interesting?? wish we got more of her)
- S1EP12: Comparative Religion (“we were getting ready for the fiiiiiiiight” gets me each time)
- S1EP17: Physical Education (the Don Draper scene!!)
- S1EP18 Basic Genealogy (the spanking scene is so dumb but it’s pure gold)
- S1EP19: Beginner Pottery (honestly only bc of the Alison Brie blooper)
- S1EP21: Contemporary American Poultry
- S1EP23: Modern Warfare (*chef’s kiss*)
- S2EP2: Accounting for Lawyers (the chloroform scene is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen)
- S2EP4: Basic Rocket Science
- S2EP6: Epidemiology
- S2EP7: Aerodynamics of Gender (the trampoline scene is so absurd and I love it)
- S2EP8: Cooperative Calligraphy (ONE OF MY FAVS)
- S2EP10: Mixology Certification (I love Troy gOD)
- S2EP11: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (this feels almost obligatory but well deserved)
- S2EP14: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (conflicted, but Hector the Well-Endowed won me over)
- S2EP15: Early 21st Century Romanticism
- S2EP16: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking (Troy is so fuckin funny in this ep)
- S2EP19: Critical Film Studies
- S2EP21: Paradigms of Human Memory (also one of the best)
- S2EP23: A Fist Full of Paintballs
- S2EP24: For a Few Paintballs More
- S3EP4: Remedial Chaos Theory (when they dance I go so soft)
- S3EP5: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (GAY MARRIAGE)
- S3EP7: Studies in Modern Movement (the show Troy and Abed put on for Annie is so cute)
- S3EP8: Documentary Filmmaking: Redux
- S3EP10: Regional Holiday Music (boop sex)
- S3EP13: Digital Exploration of Interior Design (the Subway storyline is hilarious)
- S3EP14: Pillows and Blankets
- S3EP15: Origins of Vampire Mythology
- S3EP16: Virtual Systems Analysis (one of my favs too)
- S3EP17: Basic Lupine Urology
- S3EP20: Digital Estate Planning (blacksmith scene HAHAH)
- S5EP3: Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
- S5EP4: Cooperative Polygraphy
- S5EP5: Geothermal Escapism (one of my favsss)
- S5EP7: Bondage and Beta Male asexuality (Abed 🥺🥺)
- S6EP2: Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care
- S6EP3: Basic Crisis Room and Advanced Waxing
- S6EP9: Grifting 101
- S6EP10: Basic RV Repair and Palmistry (Abed’s development is definitely the highlight)
- S6EP13: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television (GOD I CRIED)
Okay this thread is so long bc I consider so many episodes my favourite that it almost loses its meaning.

I left out S4 for obvious reasons. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but definitely a step down from what Community usually is. I still found it entertaining to watch, but I-
-HAVENT rewatched any episodes from S4 like I have for the other seasons.

I feel like S2 was probably my favourite season, although S1-S3 are pretty on par. I do love S5 and S6 but the group is so different that it always makes me feel nostalgic for the Community Seven.
That being said, I cried like a baby in S6EP13. I loved how it encapsulated Jeff’s anxieties so well. I especially go soft when Jeff pulls Abed in for another hug. The ending seemed so perfect for Community, and although it wasn’t one of my favourite episodes, I think it’s a-
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