53 of 167 television journalists in Mumbai recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Most of them are young reporters and camerapersons.

Many feel they did not have a choice in reporting, and many have elderly parents and children. | @sukanyashantha https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
One journalist said that on informing his bureau chief of his results, was told to ‘Take care and don’t step out for a few days."

This response, the reporter says, was after after working over a month without a single day’s break. https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
“There is nothing heroic in going everyday on the field without proper protection.

I have been telling my bosses that I can manage most of what I am reporting right now from home... but the editors are unwilling to listen,” a 29 year old journalist said. https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
Hyperactive news channels, with a constant hunger to better their Television Rating Points (TRPs), have been pushing journalists to report from the ground, even in cases where the reporter is clearly reluctant. https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
A woman journalist with a national news channel says when she recently sent a long email to the editor explaining why she wanted to be exempted from ground reporting assignments for a month.

The editor replied with five words: “That is not an option.” https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
The next day, the reporter was sent to Dharavi, a prominent coronavirus hotspot in Mumbai with 168 hospital cases and 11 reported deaths so far.

“Every time I go on the field, I don’t drink even a sip of water, I don’t get to use a toilet." https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
"I starve myself and I am only praying that I don’t end up meeting or interacting with someone infected.

After working for long hours, I am completely exhausted – both physically and mentally,” she said. https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
A 32-year-old journalist from a leading Hindi channel tested positive.

He lives in a one-BHK flat with his wife, child and mother-in-law.

“We have just one bedroom and one toilet. How are we to even ensure that others don’t get infected?" https://thewire.in/media/covid-19-mumbai-tv-journalists
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