The US has been engaged in Opium wars. Most powerful nations have at some point in their history, or all through out their history.

The British didn't even bother to hide it, they just called theirs the Opium war. They actually had two.

So far we have had two as well. 1/7
The two longest wars in US history have been the Vietnam war and the war in Afghanistan. We defeated the Nazis and the Japanese in just 5 years!

Where are the most fertile opium growing regions? Well, two very good ones include southeast Asia and Afghanistan. 3/7
Your government has been lying to you. They sell a lot of the drugs. Much of this drug smuggling is done by the CIA. Some of it is done by criminal organizations that are mostly tolerated--and they definitely pay their dues to someone in the government along the way.5/7
They grow this opium and make it into heroin. That heroin then makes it into your neighborhood and you never know, maybe it will have fentanyl(mostly from China) and kill half the block.

It's a very pretty flower isn't it? Its one of my favorites. Its called Papaver Somniferum which means "sleep bringing", it contains alkaloids codeine and morphine. Morphine is named for Morpheus, the God of dreams.

Fitting isn't it? Because we've all been asleep.
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