#THREAD: There are 2 kinds of arrests in #HongKong.

When police arrest high-profile lawyers and activists -- like they did last Saturday with Martin Lee & co. -- they want you to know.

But you probably don't know about an arrest last night at Kwong Yuen Estate. (1/6)
At around 5pm yesterday, plainclothes policemen entered a flat at Oak House, Kwong Yuen Estate in Shatin.

Neighbours reported hearing sounds of "crying, vomiting and impact" (per Ming Pao, Apple, Stand). They also noticed the door was forced open. (2/6)
When the district councillor arrived to help, a police officer opened the door and said, "We're working, don't disturb us" and shut the door again.

The commotion had attracted a crowd, and uniformed police reinforcements were deployed. Things were getting tense. (3/6)
Police also repeatedly turned away a lawyer, saying that the person under arrest "didn't want legal services."

Officers finally emerged around 9pm, escorting a man in a black hood. Why did it take 4 hours, and what happened inside the flat? We don't know. (4/6)
Later reports suggest this arrest was related to an illegal weapons case, which ties back to the protests.

HK police have learnt how to avoid public scrutiny with these covert arrests. So far, this case hasn't been reported in English media. (5/6)
District Councillor Yeung Sze-kin livestreamed some of what happened. Watch: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=184903632497435

Photo credit (in order): HK01, Ming Pao, Apple Daily, Singtao, Oriental. (6/6)
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