I since now believed Salman adore Sidharth & Sana. I though was mad on Salman for what he did on that weekend, later I realized it was channel’s call, yes Sana’s behaviour wasn’t appreciated by him& he just made her realized that she has to be mature. (1) #SidNaaz
SK’s Behaviour is similar to Sidharth, I believe. He is known for his anger in industry, his relationships dint worked out till now because every girl who came in Salman’s life used him to get successful. He hasn’t met someone similar to Sana, so he can relate to Sid. #SidNaaz
He is experienced man. When on weekend he said “Do jism Ek jaan” to #SidNaaz it wasn’t normal he actually meant it because he saw more than anyone else , unreleased content. When he said #MubarakHoSidharth it wasn’t out of blue , he actually meant it🤧❤️
Salman is a visionary. He said it to Rajat Sharma that he would definitely like to see what’s in the future of #SidNaaz . If he said, Shadi kab huyi tum donon ki , HE MEANT IT❤️
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