Just had a briefing with Qld ministers on legislation to be debated by Parliament tomorrow.

Rather than implementing a moratorium on evictions like they're meant to, these new laws *create extra grounds* for landlords to evict a tenant during COVID-19. Thread:
The Qld Government is proposing that the ban on evictions should ONLY apply to tenants who can prove they’re affected by COVID-19. Anyone else can be kicked out.

Aren't we trying to keep everyone inside? How does this help us keep the whole community safe?
Even if you're eligible under these laws and the eviction ban applies to you, you can still be kicked out for a bunch of reasons. Like keeping a pet. (Yes, seriously).
Here's the kicker. The laws add a NEW GROUND for eviction if the landlord wants to sell the property with vacant possession. Right now they can't do that on a fixed term lease.

I cannot understand how they're justifying creating a new way to kick tenants out during a pandemic.
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