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1. seblos is wayyy under developed... that was not the serve tim thought it was.
2. i dont like rickys highlights
3. ej actually had good development
4. kourtney barely has a personality outside of nini
5. born to be brave and out of the old just aren’t good
6. portwell is a horrible idea i can’t believe some of y’all ship them
7. no one is straight on this show. maybe some of the adults. i’ll drop my hcs below
8. ricky is bi gina is lesbian nini is pan ashlyn is pan kourt is lesbian ej is gay or bi idk big red is gay
9. i despise redlyn with everything i have
10. rina was mostly one sided
11. if u think abt it rini had good development bc the show spans over 3 months
12. ninis not annoying y’all just love to hate
13. some rinas are just bullies. and some rinis are annoying asf and not funny
14. we have to stop pitting the cast against each other!! they all love each other sm i’m sick
15. i love love love that ricky and nini were childhood best friends but it came out of nowhere. it’s so obvious that they came up w it later bc the way the first few eps are written it just wouldn’t make that much sense. i rly wish it had been established from the start.
16. joe’s voice is the best on the show and should’ve been used more
17. some of y’all are realll bold for bullying minors.... girl get a job
18. i dont see a problem if someone’s 13 or 14 on stan twitter as long as they’re not like rly immature or something
19. big red literally has no personality like how can y’all love him like it’s sad but what is there to him
20. stop stanning matt cornett!! he’s pro gun!
21. ej and carlos lowkey have potential but y’all aren’t ready for that convo yet
22. i feel like they did the love triangle in such a way where it in s2 they decided to give gina a coming out storyline it would make sense for her to be conflicted like w her feelings for nini instead of ricky like it wouldn’t be that random if that makes sense
23. rina is not enemies to lovers i’m sorry. their trope is shallow af it’s not like they ever hated each other they were just acquaintances to (momentary?) crushes
24. i’m done talking abt rina after this but they’re so much better as friends it makes me mad that they even dabbled in them as a relationship bc they rly get each other and gina needs a close friend w out complications let’s be honest
25. this thread isn’t the best time to talk abt this and i def have more to elaborate about but i feel like there’s something rly sus about sof’s management and i’m kinda worried about it
26. <ricky bowen3 that’s it that’s the tweet. no fr best boy i love him sfm ik he fucked up w nini but he was going thru it ok pls be nice to him
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