If you never understood the prophetic power of art, and it’s role in society, take the time to binge THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, a 6 part visual novel that ignited a moment of catharsis in me that I won’t soon forget..
THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA reminded us of the fragility of democracy in our Republic and the end of our institutions may not come with a bang but inconspicuous, insidious, poisonous creep.
What thoughts are to the individual,Art is to the society as a whole,the place where we reflect on our values & act on them.THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA is that timeless piece of art that reminds us of our humanity&values. Questioning if we’ll act on them or ignore the call to action
THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA is a television masterpiece. David Simon and Ed Burns have created a classic, that speaks to our humanity now and long after we are gone. A classic speaks to our humanity across time and place. That’s it’s distinction.
The more specific you are with story, the more universal it becomes. In THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA we all become the Levins. The proficiency of this cathartic journey seems to be the culmination of David Simon’s unique clarion call first sounded in HOMICIDE, then THE CORNER,TREME..
THE WIRE, GENERATION KILL, SHOW ME A HERO, and THE DEUCE. THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA is the amalgamation of all the best of David Simon’s body of work at a time that will mark its arrival as a cultural ephiphany and a much needed infusion of intelligence, decency and humanism.
THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA is timely. We see the rationale of fascism and how easily people can justify the indignity, oppression, and violence towards other human beings. Usually their own neighbors and countrymen. This is David Simon and Ed Burns masterpiece. @AoDespair @HBOPR
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