Just wanna state my opinion about the most fake youtuber I’ve ever seen. This dude, @realmattlol I believe his tag is, is such a clickbaiter. If you took a second to look at this kids videos as I did before making this, you can tell he wants attention and can’t think of (1/?)
good content. He honestly is worse than my least favorite youtuber, Poke. This realmatt kid also tries to trick his child fan base into thinking he gives away robux every vid. He can say a random username and say they won when really it’s just a alt of his. What gets me is (2/?)
that he is able to do easily manipulate his kid fan base so quickly and easily by doing these fake giveaways. I honestly just don’t like the guy in general because of what he does and hoping for someone big to call him out. (3/5)
His most recent video, “InqusitorMaster is dying soon...” is a big attention grab and that’s all he does. He mentions other youtubers in his videos and sometimes pretends to talk to them when it’s just his friends who act like the youtuber. Again, him taking advantage of (4/5)
his kid audience. I know he has been called out before but he doesn’t care. He enjoys the call out as it gets him clout. He is such a clickbaiter and takes advantage of a child audience that he has racked up from fake videos and fake giveaways. (5/5)
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