Donald Trump does and says out loud what the GOP has been engineering behind closed doors and publicly messaging with dog whistles for decades.

And it’s about to get worse.
Instead of taking responsibility for his lapse of leadership that has led to the deaths of 40,000+ Americans and counting, he resorts to scapegoat immigrants and using it as an excuse to shut down immigration.
I’m not lawyer but I bet there will be a ton of legal challenges to his executive order.

If you’re asking: Can a president even do that? In my humble opinion, that’s both the right and wrong question.
Right question because, of course, I hope badass legal orgs take him to task like it’s happened with the Muslim Ban.

Wrong question because it almost doesn’t fully matter the outcome. The point is to continue building anti-immigrant sentiments in the American public.
They’re using a global pandemic (especially its economic impact) to stoke some of the worst sentiments in humanity.

It’s part of their 2020 strategy.

It’s also a part of their long term strategy to eradicate immigrant families like mine from the fabric of this country.
And it’s not just about immigrants. It’s also about Black people, Muslims, Jews, LGBT+ folks and anyone else who is deemed “other” in this country.
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