I’ve been glued to #cbc radio for months but never more than the past two days. 🙏🌎 #IStandWithNovaScotia I stopped trying to fight my tears today. It’s almost too much to deal with. It was a welcome treat to hear (missed his name) with his recitation 1/
#OnTheOtherSideofThis it was heartwarming and hopeful. I still cried though. When #JasonGreeley did a remake of the day the music died, #TheDayTheCovidCame I was in stitches. I still cried though. I was probably still weeping when the #nationalnews came on. Crazy days 2/
when not until the third story were we updated on the #CanadianOilCrisis. Like so many, I’m reeling from the first story since I woke up yesterday morning. Like most, if not all, I am trying to process this profound loss while simultaneously trying to cope with 3/
this chapter of #TheNewNormal #covid19Canada #CanadianMentalHealthCrisis Fighting back my tears, I’m trying to process the explanation being given for current oil prices. So, please correct me if I’m wrong, the problem is storage? #WhatIf #CanadianOil would #FillOurTanks ? 4/
Canadians are struggling in unprecedented ways, physically, financially, mentally, you name it. #BigOil has thrived for years from the efforts of #Canadians across Canada and in particular rural #NovaScotia and now BigOil is struggling too right along with us. 5/
If lack of storage is an immediate problem for this devalued #oil, why not #FillOurTanks to free up room on the #TankFarms or wherever. @Shell @exxonmobil @petrocanada #WhatWouldJackMacLeodDo I think a swift and transparent program could be set up through 6/
existing loyalty cards or something similar. What else can you do with it now? Why not #GiveBack to your customers at a time when a little would go a long way. Would this not offer even a partial #Solution to the storage problem #cdnoil is currently facing? 7/
Of course, this is just an idea and maybe I’m off my rocker, but I thought I would put it out there. I’ve never written a tweet that was more than one page before. I haven’t written many tweets at all lol. If you have read to the end of this thread, thank you. Be well. 8/
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