buying a car over the internet is only a million times better than going to a dealer, even when you're still buying it from a dealer
1. Sales guy sent me a walkaround video + Carfax on Whatsapp, plus any photos I wanted
2. I submitted one offer via a phone call
3. They called back to counteroffer
4. I walked (which is WAY easier over the phone)
5. They came back and texted me they'd take my original offer
6. Started finance work, submitted a credit app on their site.
7. Credit app came back, finance department called me to work out payment structure.
8. Submitted down payment online with my credit card
9. They fill out all preliminary forms and and FedEx overnight to me to sign
10. I sign the forms, FedEx back via prepaid label
11. They certify the forms, send the vehicle title and reg back to me
12. Shipper comes to pick up car later this week, it arrives here a few days later.

I was on the phone, max, for 15 minutes total during this process.
things I never had to deal with:
-"let me go talk to my manager" stalling
-"I don't think this deal will happen if you leave"
-"other customers" scheduled to See This Car
-actually getting off my ass at all, ever
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