idk who you think the face of sovereignty and liberation work in guåhan is but it should be anyone living in poverty because poor people here have been telling you all for decades upon decades that this shit isn’t working.
a pandemic is the perfect time to talk about our need for a different system because sacrificing our people’s autonomy to the gods of militarism and tourism will kills us off before a virus does.

“after all of this is over” —when exactly will it be ~over~ for poor families?
in 2015, when guam’s unemployment rate was at a decades-low of 7%, 1 in 3.4 residents still received food stamps. we’re potentially looking at a 20-30% unemployment range in the coming months. what then?
all of a sudden, self-sustaining economies are appealing as hell
the stimulus + unemployment checks still haven’t come in so who’s been coming through for the community?

non-profits & local businesses focused on food-security, farmers assistance, mutual aid, elder care, etc.
idk who you think the face of sovereignty and liberation work is but it’s always been poor / working class / low-income families. idgaf what your misconceptions about ~the decolonization movement~ are. at this point, you either care about poverty killing off guåhan or you don’t.
how far do you wanna go back? we know what caused this disparity. we’re only 2 generations away from the land we once rightfully controlled, from our subsistence economy that once held our elders through war times.
we are drowning in codependency on exploitative industries.
some of you talk about decolonization and sovereignty like it’s a game annoying people play in grad school but it’s always been literal key to guåhan mobilizing out of poverty.

maybe have a little class solidarity for once in your privileged chamerican dream life i’m sick of it
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