I would like to say that imbb CAN stream.
More people are interested in melon streaming this time . With this , there has been a lot of questions and rumours. In this thread , hopefully you can understand a bit clearer.
1) Can imbb download the app? Yes . iOS : change store to Korea or create new ID set to South Korea . Android : apk link. All of this is in the Masterlist pinned on my profile.

2)Are imbb streams counted outside of Korea ? There is no actual reason as to why it would not.
3)Can you create an account on your own? Melon has renewed its policy , you need a kr phone number . This takes us to the next question.

4) How can you get an account?
You can purchase a packaged deal : kr verified +streaming +download .
5) What is a verified and unverified account? Verified accounts are those that have registered with a kr phone number . Unverified accounts are technically accounts created before the new policy where you could have created one without kr phone number .
6) Do unverified account streams count? They should , there is no solid information that says otherwise .

7) Why is downloading important on melon ?It helps us chart.

8) Is it difficult to use ? No, just follow the steps , set playlist and monitor every few hours .
9)Is melon more important than other streaming sites in Korea ? Melon holds the weight of digital scores . It is worth the most .

10) Is it expensive? Melon has been know to be costly . I recommend :
11) Should You use a verified or unverified account ? If you have access to an unverified account or can only afford an unverified account then please do not stress your budget . There are some that sell them.

12)Can You use it on PC ?Melon is available for android ,iOS and PC
13)Do you need VPN? With all the research and advice , you really don’t . Especially verified accounts as it is already registered under the kr phone number system.

14) Can you use an account on more than one device ? No more than 2 .
15) Are there other sites cheaper than Melon ? Yes I highly recommend Genie , it is easy to set up and use . The passes are cheaper than Melon by far . Once again recommend for MONBEBE : https://twitter.com/E__nok 
16) Can not fully afford the packages? Don’t stress , you can donate any amount and/or volunteer to stream. It is recommended that you have enough time in your schedule before doing this . https://twitter.com/mxgoesglobal/status/1242495616929890305
17) Is Melon the only way to support Monsta X ? Of course not but Digital has been the weakest point of scores for every comeback and it counts for majority of the points in the shows .

18) Need extra step by step help ? Help is available to you , please DM soon as cb is busy.
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