I never have and I never will sugarcoat this shit. We are in this disaster b/c too many White people keep trying to find loopholes and workarounds for actually listening to Black people or any other marginalized group that’s suffered in this hellhole. It AINT a hellhole for them.
If y’all still wanna pretend it’s not a hellhole after we just hit 40K #COVID19 deaths, all you’re doing is proving 1) why White supremacy is lethal 2) why America’s been a hellhole since 1492 3) why you’re still denying it and 4) why we aren’t taking your advice and never have.
Ask yourself why you believe that and who told you to believe it. Also ask yourself if Biden spent pre-SC in IA/NH or building in SC and the rest of the “Deep South” where Clyburn and the rest of the “low info” “establishment” live and vote religiously for survival. Seriously. https://twitter.com/iceman_0693/status/1252323998576377856
Black voters know where Joe was and weren’t surprised by Bernie getting his ass handed to him again because we did it ON PURPOSE in 2016, then did it again ON PURPOSE in 2020 for ALL the exact same reasons. #ItAintOurFault if you still refuse to learn from *our* example/advice. https://twitter.com/cnn/status/1227424137821523969
I do too and anyone who’s STILL (amidst fascist DISASTER) trying to convince us to abandon basic MATH and demographic voting patterns that have been winning elections for Democrats of all ethnicities since 1964/1965 is doing it for insidiously racist and subversive reasons. 🕵🏾‍♀️ https://twitter.com/linda_shamar/status/1252386183788650499
Agreed and I don’t think he’s unaware that he did the exact same for Obama. He’s mad, humble, tired and personally traumatized enough by the sins of America’s racist past that he’ll gladly step up over and over again until his last breath. Because that’s what reliable allies DO. https://twitter.com/barbarawaxer/status/1252388228050477056
The hilarious thing is I have the bandwidth to be more petty than I am but I’m making a willful choice to use that energy to be productive instead. Unlike the Bros/Broettes & 🤖 who are STILL batting a strike out/shut out against the PJ archives from ‘16 with no cure or vaccine.
Point. Blank. Period. Poo. Get it done for the *Black women* 👑 who brought and kept you all this way. Anyone who still isn’t grasping this concept needs to google “slaves breastfeeding White babies”.
STOP LOOKING AWAY, AMERIKKKA. https://twitter.com/piratefoxy/status/1252407095686623239
How is the center “not reliable” in your estimation when it won FDR, JFK, Carter, Bill Clinton and Obama the presidency, plus Gore and Hillary the popular vote? What part of “the electoral college is a racist and undemocratic (and un-Democratic) relic of slavery isn’t adding up? https://twitter.com/adavidjohnson/status/1252431183389921282
Getting very warm, but the reason the Berners are hyping Stacey all of a sudden is *everything* they advise is meant to sabotage the Democratic Party and the Obama coalition. The best way to do that now that Bernie lost is to stop Joe from 1) winning or 2) turning🩸to 🌊. 😷💊 https://twitter.com/christantinople/status/1252438283470041090
Receipts on what it’s like to live the life of an “unwitting” Russian asset who still thinks the reason his unicorns lost is because Black voters aren’t as smart as he is, even though we’ve now beaten him and his bullshit TWICE, plus his campaign is in the Mueller Report. Enjoy. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1235646911878778880
Once again, the bottom line is the Bros & MAGAts don’t like or admire Stacey, Beto or Kamala, but they will pretend to offer “sage wisdom” that ends up removing freedom riders from Jim Crow ground zero at the precise moment WE are attempting to dismantle it with #votebymail. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1201949794270400513
Until y’all can show up to my mentions with the receipts and MATH on how *anybody* whose name isn’t Kamala or Beto delivered the Texas branch of the Obama coalition to Joe on 3/3/20, I’m not interested in your “sage wisdom” on how to turn TX or anywhere else in America blue. Bye. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1235059581597782017
Because fuckery and sabotage are STILL AFOOT and people need to put their vigilant glasses on right about NOW while we still have time ahead of voter registration and the push for nationalized #VoteByMail. All they’re trying to do is piss White “moderates” and the alt left off. https://twitter.com/karen_bethany_/status/1252435694414258178
And really the main thing they’re doing (still) is proving how they don’t know enough real Black people IRL, so they don’t understand the sister girl G code and can’t fathom the possibility that Stacey didn’t even run in 2020 b/c SHE *also* knows Kamala’s the ONE for this moment.
The WHOLE reason Joe even telegraphed his intention to 1) choose a woman as VP and 2) put a Black woman on SCOTUS is because 3) Black women are the base of the D party aka the establishment aka the folk who STAY reliably electing Democrats of all hues.
In other words, the base of the party is being CENTERED b/c that’s what the fuck WE have to do to win. MAGAts actually understand this better than anyone, which is why *they* always try to convince us not to do it too. Bernie/Berners following the GOP down that path = fuckery.
Even just the fact that we’re having this discussion is MEANT to make White voters who aren’t committed Democrats (but are testing it out b/c the GOP is fascism) get mad as hell about Black people “closing ranks” around giving America the diversity ticket it really wants again.
Once again, this annoying ass tension is in the air b/c White “moderates” helped fuck up the GOP so badly that they “had to” flee it and hijack the D party instead b/c that’s way easier than building something from the ground up with blood, sweat and tears like Black voters do. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1191045094197071873
Because those White “moderate” voters “had to” do a hostile takeover, that also meant the predominately White MSM “had to” egg them on by centering them and their propaganda while pretending they’re the “real” marginalized Democratic base that “has to” be centered, OR ELSE.
So now we’re left with a bunch of folk who are so indifferent to REAL struggle, oppression and the lived experience of marginalized people that they STILL have the nerve and gall to be expecting affirmative action for folk who aren’t reliable allies in the middle of a genocide.
ICYMI my TL isn’t the place for those folk unless they want to be snapped into reality and rehabilitated. I don’t make ANY of that a secret, so anybody who wants to play Bro/Broette/bot games in my traffic is asking to be identified as part of the ongoing cyberattack for Putin.
THIS IS WHY THEY DON’T WANT KAMALA: She’s Black AND Asian, married to a Jewish man, and she represents the extremely diverse and reflective of America state of CA, where she climbed the ladder from DA to AG to Senate b/c she brought criminal justice reform to their masses. 🤩💣🔥 https://twitter.com/cheryllynn512/status/1252459379862974470
They DON’T want *this* kinda cop in the WH b/c they still don’t wanna relinquish their privilege/power. They DO wanna trap her at DOJ as AG or the SCOTUS b/c neither of those nominations would grant her the power to mobilize the Obama coalition and aim it at Trump on 11/3. 🎯🎯🎯
They DO wanna convince us that AG is the highest ceiling possible for Kamala, Black women and Black Americans in general because they DON’T want US to remember that WE shattered that ceiling already (thanks Obama) and are now aiming for VP, then the WH again. 🤩🔥 #EyesOnThePrize
How about Val Demmings for doing exactly what she’s doing now (kicking GOP ass in the House) and Sally Yates for AG, plus the major Black lady contribution to law & order being 1) SCOTUS like Joe’s already promised and 2) VP like the D base is requesting/advising? 🧐 https://twitter.com/moniquesnewer/status/1252464535291617280
YOU must face that we aren’t scared of these fucking racists but y’all’s fragility, fear of and denial about the racists in your family and social networks is *exactly* how the sociopath/traitor/serial killer got into the WH to kill us and American democracy for Putin. Face it.🤡 https://twitter.com/arouetspeaks/status/1252468394475098112
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