#JaCovid19 Update:


•The number of confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
cases has risen to 223 in the last 24 hours.
• Included in those numbers are 27 new additions.
• Of those 27, 19 are females and 8 are males.
• 26 of those new cases are linked to a workplace cluster
There are now:

• 34 imported cases
• 6 that are local transmission with no epidemiological link
• 47 contacts of a confirmed case.
• 136 that are under investigation. Of that 136, 120 have been identified within a workplace cluster, in addition to 16 other cases.

So far, 1,889 samples have been tested:

• 223 are positive
• 1,655 are negative
• 11 are pending

• There are 128 persons in isolation and 24 in quarantine in a Government facility.

• Twenty-seven (27) persons have recovered and five have died.
Jamaica, we are now seeing the first sign of COMMUNITY SPREAD.
Persons with upper respiratory symptoms and influenza like illnesses who turn up in hospitals and clinics are automatically tested.

These persons represent 21 positives that are not linked to contact tracing of a positive case

The Ministry of Health and Wellness notes the growing number of positive cases from the St. Catherine call centre and the risk that this poses to not only the persons identified as being directly affected, but also the households in which they live.
Our contact investigations have revealed that many of these individuals live in inter-generational households with elderly persons and persons with comorbidities, such as diabetes and hypertension. As you are aware, the health outcomes for ...
... persons with these risk factors is proportionally more severe and as such in the management of the impact of the epidemic, special care must be taken to protect these vulnerable populations.
It is in this context that the Ministry will, through partnership with the private sector and tourism interests, be undertaking a massive operation to facilitate the movement of persons from their communities to quarantine facilities where they can be monitored and ...
... managed for any onset of illness and to ensure the reduction of the risk of spread within their households and communities.
This action is extremely necessary to ensure that we:
• reduce the spread of the disease within the population

• manage the impact on the elderly and other vulnerable persons

• protect those within communities who may not be able to protect themselves.
Over 500 rooms have been secured to facilitate this action. The next three to four days will see the Ministry contacting individuals and making arrangements for their transportation into the quarantine facilities for the next 14 days.
This will be a sacrifice for involved – from the persons who will need to leave their homes to the families that will have to bear the absence of loved ones, the community, the health workers who will be assigned and the private sector individuals who have come on board as ...
... part of this fight.
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