1/10 People, thoughts and feelings are important right now, because each of us, alone & collectively, are what will determine when and how we emerge from this crisis. To end #COVID19 all Canadians are on the frontline. #TogetherApart #DoYourPart
2/10 Nothing less than the continued sacrifice of every Canadian, staying at home as much as possible and practicing #physicaldistancing, is what it will take to stop the spread of this virus. Its not over till its over. #COVID19 #PlankTheCurve
3/10 #StayHome is urgently needed to save lives, #ProtecttheVulnerable as well as to buy more time for research & development of diagnostics, vaccines, & treatments to protect 🇨🇦s health system & the health of all Canadians. #COVID19 #Innovation
4/10 Times like these can bring out negativity, borne out of anxiety, fear & concern, but if we turn our attention just slightly, we become aware of the much greater power of even a single POSITIVE voice or a single act of kindness. #KindnessMatters https://ca.portal.gs/ 
5/10 Positive voices raise us ALL up. Thinking back on the darkest times in history, we only recall the inspiring voices that guided & helped us along. Continue to be kind & raise up the positive! #KindnessMatters #AWorldOfHearts #COVIDCoping #FindtheHelpers
6/10 If you are feeling down, turn to those voices or if YOU CAN BE THAT VOICE, speak up & raise people up with you. I am thankful for 🇨🇦s #AttitudeofGratitude & the many kindnesses shown by Canadians during this crisis. #COVIDCoping #PlanktheCurve
7/10 When times get tough and people band together it is truly inspiring what can happen. These weeks have been hard and there have been losses, with the most devastating being the loss of our loved ones to this disease. #COVID19 #ProtecttheVulnerable
8/10 There is a shared sense of this pain and people are responding with kind voices & music to raise spirits, bringing us #TogetherApart. From balconies in Italy, to a virtual student choir in Newfoundland and Labrador singing O’ Canada… #COVID19 https://twitter.com/hhmchoral/status/1249843861272363008
9/10 …to a world of entertainers and frontline #HealthcareHeroes coming together in solidarity this past weekend for the @GlobalCitizen #OneWorldTogether #TogetherAtHome Concert – we are not alone. #COVID19
#CheerstoVolunteers #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller
10/10 For everyone who is feeling down, anxious & worried about our future, turn your ears to positive sounds, look for kindness – humble voices may not be loud but they are strong, steady & ready to come together when called. #COVIDCoping http://ow.ly/jG3m50zjDmM 
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