Disgraceful "journalism" by @deborah_knight and @AMA_media disparaging "Anti-vaxxers" as people who should "butt out" of the conversation.

There is no such thing as a coronavirus vaccine, and won't be for years.

You're pushing more people to hate doctors.
3 years ago - still "hoping" for a vaccine yet still not overcome the problem of cytokine storm of immune hyperactivity
So, in 20 years since SARS first arrived *no* safe working #coronavirus #vaccine has been found.

Yet we are being told to shut up and take the medicine without dissent. Just like #china.

This kind of attitude is *exactly* what feeds the #antivax movement.

@deborah_knight it's hardly "conspiracy theory" if Bill Gates has said it himself, is it?

Don't be so disparaging. "Journalists" that disparage #antivaxxers instead of engaging them are scared of losing the argument, and reinforce their validity.
Update: #antivaxx recruiter @deborah_knight had no response to this thread.

This was all that she could come up with.

#fakenews #hack
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