The good news is that I am not going to die of #covid19: according to the very knowledgeable ER doc, covid does not become severe this late in the game (14 days)

The bad news is that I am still freaking sick! After 2-3 days of “recovery”, my temp is up to 38 + painful cough
I am happy I am being treated in the same small-town ER that initially tested me for #covid19: they are efficient, competent, and friendly.

Especially the cute x-ray tech who brings the x-ray machine to you, so that you don’t contaminate the x-ray studio with viruses!
Omg I forgot to mention the most unusual, interesting and annoying part of today’s adventure: the ER doc tracked down my missing #covid19 test result from April 9th... and it was NEGATIVE

But he still thinks I likely have / had #covid19 based on symptoms & history...
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