question thread: quarantine edition

feel free to rt and all that jazz ok lets go
1. how many days have you been quarantined?
2. quarantine snack of choice?
3. working from home, online classes or neither?
4. tv shows you have (binged) watched in quarantine?
5. movies you have seen while quarantined?
6. artist you have been listening to the most during quarantine?
7. favorite song during quarantine?
8. who are you quarantined with?
9. favorite quarantine activity?
10. thing you've miss the most during quarantine?
11. person you've talked to the most during quarantine?
12. any new things you have done?
13. anything new you *want* to do?
14. bedtime and wake-up time?
15. first thing you wanna do when this is all over?
16. when do you think this will all be over?
17. any positives about being stuck inside?
18. worst part about being stuck inside?
19. are you reading any books?
20. have you played any video games? if so which?
more to come if i think of others and if i feel like it later x
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