Let’s see if dad brings that 🔥 for the CCP presstitutes like he did last week.

Kids are back with their mom so smartassed shitposting transcriptions are back, baby!

Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing
Governors are looking forward to re-opening and our economic resurgence.

Critical to continue to wage this medical war while re-opening.

Many areas hardest hit have turned the corner, deaths down substantially & numbers of way down (down 50% in Detroit)

30 states w/ 1 case -
per thousand, much better than many nations

@POTUS is again asking Democrats to replenish the PPP

Hope to have a vote maybe tmrw in Senate

Low price of oil is allowing us to fill national strategic reserve, up to 75mm barrels (top out the reserves)
Pushing for deal to include $75bn fo hospitals & healthcare providers

Issued new reccos for healthcare to restart elective care in states that aren't very hard hit

@VP spoke w/ Govs about unified effort to defeat the virus today
..provided Govs with contact info for labs that each can use to contact ready, willing & able labs in their states for testing
-calls out Maryland Gov who didn't understand list
-how scary that Fed had to tell Govs what was available in their own states
*Governor elections are -
much more than a freaking popularity contest, people...also Pritzker (IL) didn't understand his capacity/capability

@POTUS wants to draw our attn to Cuomo's address to NY today, praising Fed & state working together on coordination, Cuomo says Pres. Trump is right that states-
should be in control of testing

Articles recently published today are again moving the goalposts. Media tried to fear monger about vents, not that we're way overstocked they're trying to fear monger about testing - even though our testing is far above & beyond any other nation
*Because the media are all leftists, and leftists are ALL frauds & hypocrites

Rich Lowry article "How the Media Completely Blew the Trump Ventilator Story"

Kyle Smith "The Ventilator Shortage that Wasn't"
Stories on testing are all over the place, but we're very good on testing

General Seminite (?) is coming up to talk about "where we are"

Still creating a lot of space for people "just in case"
General S: (boy he's a short guy w/ a huge voice)

"3 legs of this stool": sites, supplies & staff

30d ago Cuomo called, worried about hospital room shortages. POTUS & SECDEF sent Gen S up to NY immediately, wanted simple solution to make it easy [so idiot Dems could wrap their
tiny brains around it]

"Let's go to existing facilities...hotel rooms or college dorms, field houses or convention centers...to create areas to either be non-COVID or COVID"

Flew back next day, built standard design
1100 diff locations scouted

Demand based off modeling to forecast peak curve & where bed shortages may be

Currently executing 32 diff facilities, 16,000 beds

Next week & 1/2 will complete 15 more facilities
Fed gov't trying to be as agile as possible

Beauty of plan was that it didn't have to be built by Army Corps of Engineers, some Governors were able to implement the Army's plans on their own

Javitt started as non-COVID, but went back in & added central O2 so they could treat-

Build 970 diff capabilities in Michigan

McCormic in IL worked w/ Pritzger & Lightfoot [both absolute lunatics]

Built another in Miami beach w/ DeSantis
"You don't get to build the perfect solution, lives are on the line"

Denver another convention center converted to treatment facility, used 6 miles of copper pipe to make it work

"All about the team - federal, state, local"
@POTUS has called me 3 times and asked, "what else do you need for us to set you up for success? What knobs do we need to turn?"

"This is the most noble calling I've had in my career"

Q: Are there more projects?
-a week ago we thought we were capped at 26. But we have a few-
more weeks based on the curve, but we've got about 6 more requests in past 4 days. As long as mayors & elected officials make quick enough decisions we can

@POTUS adds that General S is also working on The Wall

Gen: We go out of our way to ensure soldiers, civilians and-
everyone is safe. 400 miles working on (?) and testing shows that it is very safe

Over 164 miles complete, should be completely finished by early next year
Q: What are you doing re: availability at recreation sites [this is the moron with the facemask. Again, the ONLY one in the briefing & he sounds like he has a d&ck in his mouth]

-when we get green lights to put our rec areas up, we'll do it safely
Q: are there any efforts in (minority) communities to build temp facilities?
-we're building what cities ask us for. there are some specifics that certain cities have asked for, and we'll do what they ask. @POTUS admin has directed us to do anything needed to help, ahead of need
Gen S, out

@POTUS back up

*side note: POTUS is still back in the "refined" look. really think the @COsweda & @drawandstrike theory that it indicates the "show is over" is accurate, orange & crazy hair were just a feint to get enemy to underestimate him
As experts have explained, capacity is sufficient for contact tracing, pinpoint hotspots in Phase 1 and treat

Some governors didn't realize they could use federal locations for testing, POTUS is showing a book indicating where they can go for testing (5,000 pages worth)
*sorry, 5,000 pieces of equipment

"Some were very much aware, some weren't"

Fed still supporting states w/ massive response to provide PPE

Using detailed supply chain data to track 1 billion pieces of PPE

FEMA working closely w/ Scarf Lady and distributors to give supplies-
where they're most needed

Pandemic has re-affirmed the importance of keeping vital supply chains at home. I've been saying this a long time [damn Skippy, @POTUS ]

"We've got to bring our supply chains back."
"I like making it right here, in the USA"

Also conducted major military operations providing cities & states w/ massive medical capacity

Nurses, doctors, experts in every field

Spoke w/ Cuomo, DeBlasio (Comrade Wilhelm), some friendly some not so friendly
The day this began, America wrote a medical mobilization of tremendous size & scale

"Some day they'll write an accurate version of the way this happened, because the FakeNews wont..."
Tremendous breakthroughs being made in therapies & vaccines. If it were up to me I'd say give me the therapies right now, bc those can help people now

"Tremendous things are happening"

J&J are very well along on vaccines (is Death Dealer Gates out of the running?)
Adm Guar (?) and Bob Smith up next to talk about equipment and some of the things having to do w/ testing

FakeNews said "there's no way he'll be able to catch up on ventilators, and now we're king of vents. Then they said testing, testing, we'll get him on testing."
*sorry, Brad Smith not Bob

"we'll show you some spectacular things on testing, we're well advanced. 5,000 machines all over the country."

"They've come up with things under great pressure that are absolutely amazing."
Adm: supplies for testing & supplies at FEMA
-needed to focus on accuracy (bad tests are worthless, as we saw in many other countries like S. Korea that incorrectly thought ppl were being reinfected)
-also focus on supplies at FEMA during this time of outbreak
we've focused on every part of the supply chain that focused on testing, starting airlift in 2nd wk of March

Adm P created airlift to bring swabs out of Italy, bc the town that made them was shut down due to outbreak there

Adm talks about how they needed innovation, as the -
old way would have used 80% of fed stockpile of PPE in testing alone

-reducing FDA regs allowed them to change to polyester swab kit, something that could have never happened this fast under old FDA guidelines (thank you, @POTUS )
Brad's talking about diff types of testing and the supplies needed for each

We have a large supply of swabs already, but secured an addt'l 30mm currently in production, 20mm per month

Largest Qtip maker in country converting from Qtips to collection / testing swabs
Collection tubes: partnered with Oakridge lab (DOE), using their injection molding facility to make collection tubes

Secured over 17mm lancets (for fingerprints) for the development of tests using blood

Businesses around country may want thermometers, so they secured over 650k
for employers who may want to test employees coming in to work

Extraction kits & PCR kits needed for some POC kits, so production ramped up to +3mm / month (capability that didn't exist a month ago!!!)

@VP up now
+770k have contracted, 41k have lost their life, but we're slowing the spread & continue to see steady progress in less infections & lower hospitalizations

Utilization of hospitals & new Army-built ones have been low bc of mitigation

Credits Governors for taking decisive action
Team presented Govs w/ memorandum detailing lab capacity & all locations for diagnostic equipment in their states that can handle WuFlu testing

*again, shame on Governors who needed Fed to tell them about capacity in their own states...remember who needed hands held in Nov
Newsom (CA) set up 5 "high capacity testing" sites in CA

FLA has completed 275k WuFlu tests, goal of using Fla Nat'l Guard to test at elder care facilities

Public Health website for Fla has county-by-county level testing resources & assets
Whitmer (MI) has stood up 13 more drive-thru high capacity testing sites

Hogan expressed appreciation re: guidelines to open back up and for the list of labs
-he (Hogan) didn't realize they're able to use Federal facilities & labs

Scarf Lady is coming up next to talk
@VP "we have to appropriate testing capacity for every state in the nation to progress to Phase 1 as soon as they meet the guidelines"

Scarf Lady (to talk about what they distributed to Govs today)
-Still have significant cases in Boston, Mass & Chicago
Scarf Lady is going over the types of testing equipment out there (high speed to low speed)

Military willing to offer up their facilities to any Gov who needs them, military has been there "every step of the way"

"Creating a mosaic of labs..." Mosaic, huh? Anyone who watches -
@dbongino probably has a bit of shell-shock when they hear political people talking about a "mosaic" of anything

In general around states, number of machines matches the populations

Q: USC / LA County health report put out report today showing infected was much higher than -
previously thought, showing mortality rate much lower than reported (i've been sharing this one all day)
-"we're looking at the reports out there," and have been talking about asymptomatic spread
*she's not actually answering the question...this is why I don't like her...doesn't-
want to admit that we had a lot of unnecessary fear-mongering based on overzealous models
Q: Gov of SC announced opening some stores today, but just told reporters they haven't met guidelines for Phase 1
-We've asked each Gov to follow the guidelines, but it's up to them
-I had a question Sat about Jacksonville about their beaches. But FLA dept of health website is-
extraordinary. you can see that most of their cases are in S. Florida, Jax had <20 cases/day for weeks. I don't know S. Carolina specific website, so I can't talk about it . These websites are critical bc they're by county and show all of the data...this is how we have to inform-
the American public

Q: POTUS says enough testing capacity to go to Phase 1, but what about Phase 2 & 3?
*[what a f%cking dick. He's just searching for something he can use to fear monger. OH MY GOD THEY'RE NOT READY FOR 3 MONTHS FROM NOW!!!]
-Scarf Lady says they're ramping -
up and are several months ahead
-Adm G gets up and reiterates that

POTUS says, "we're going maximum, we're going to the outer limits"
@POTUS stepped up and looks like he's staying at the podium to finish it up

Q: Crude futures went below $0 today (no, it didn't actually). Does that make you want to see OPEC + do more to reduce?
-much of it has to do w/ short sellers. A month in future it's at $28/barrel, but
there are ppl who got caught and they're not happy they got caught. It's largely a financial squeeze
Q: would you like to see Saudi...
-we've already done that, OPEC + is cutting back. The problem is nobody in the world is driving a car, factories & businesses are closed
*this guy keeps asking followups...I wonder if he actually doesn't know that it's fake news and the oil price was only on expiring FUTURES contracts?

Q: criminal justice reform & SBA loans. @johnrobertsFox says rec'd an email that says employees w/ prior criminal records are -
causing banks to say their biz is ineligible for PPP loans
-give me his name and I"ll look into it

Q: Kaitlin: if companies open & employees get sick, will companies be liable?
-we tried to take liability away from companies to get them to open, i'll get you a legal opinion on -
-Have any biz execs expressed conern?
-Not one

Q: oil (chubby dude w/ bear who mumbles...this is the dude who POTUS asked the price of oil & @POTUS is giving him shit (jokingly) about knowing the price of oil now)
...you were talking about PPP & mentioned 77mm barrels of oil but you weren't able to get funding...
-at the price now you don't need funding!
-true, but my question is...asking for that funding..
-at a minimum we'll let ppl use our storage
-will you make it a requirement of PPP?
no, we'd like to have Congress approve it, it's a great time to buy oil. We have 75mm barrels capacity now. We'll either ask for permission to buy it or we'll store it

Q: some senators (incl Cramer) are asking you to stop Saudi shipments already on the way, which you have auth.
to do. Are you considering that?
-We'll look at it, we certainly have plenty of oil

Q: testing, SBA loans: will you invoke DPA to force company to ramp up prod of swabs?
-we don't really need it

Adm G back up to answer this
there's a forced side of DPA, and another that's a "hand up." this company has done everything to ramp up prod, so we're using the "hand up" to help them ramp up their production. We don't need to force anything, these are heroic Americans doing everything they can to help.
[Again, the leftist activists just HAVE to show their hand...they CRAVE authoritarianism, they want government to FORCE people to do things regardless of if it's needed. but @POTUS don't roll like that]
This guy has a followup: on Mar 21 admin promised 27mm tests, but only 4mm have been tested. Where's the discrepancy?

Adm G up to answer
Since I was the one who said that, let me explain where we were. I was getting info about tests in the marketplace. There's been over 40mm...
in the marketplace, but we had an end-to-end issue that we've been dealing with. The swabs, transport media. If we don't have ppl utlizing the machines..we have some that are only being 10% utilized. But if the machines aren't being used to their fullest. If they were, you'd have
millions more being done. There's just one specific platform that if it were being utilized fully we'd have an addt'l 1mm/week being done

Q: Adm G, you've said there'd be enough test in place for Phase 1
-there are
-what's the standard of testing? Who gets tested?
It's the guidelines:
1. test everyone who's symptomatic, overtest them
(how symptomatic)
-anyone w/ the symptoms, should be at least 1 positive per 10 tests
2. strategy w/ Birx is to focus on the vulnerable population, where we know asymptomatic rate could be higher than rest of-
pop, focusing on the underserved populations who are overcrowded, can't telework

Followup: if we have enough tests for Phase 1, why is Gov from MD having to get 1/2mm test from S. Korea?
[just want to go out on a limb and say we know Gov from MD is a leftist activist, and we -
KNOW the tests from S. Korea are NOT VERY ACCURATE!!! I smell a leftist plan being hatched on this one]
-Adm G: I don't know what MD gov is doing in S. Korea, but there is excess capacity every day. If he wanted to send 30-40k test to Quest & Labcorp, that could be done
[Again, these f&cking lunatics care more about the narrative & hurting @POTUS than they do about helping their people or the country]

Followup: he said they didn't have enough they needed to up their capacity & make it adaquate
[It will never stop, bc it's a fake issue]
Adm G: what we're seeing all across country, the testing capacity in states hardest hit FAR exceeds S. Korea (who we know had faulty tests) and they've been able to do it on a relatively straightforward basis. ***WE TALKED TO GOV OF MD TODAY AND HE DIDN'T BRING THAT UP***...
[again, I'm telling you, it's a fake crisis and talking point they're contriving]
-but you haven't spoken to him personally?
@VP we did talk to him personally
VP is getting in on trolling now, having them bring up the slide showing ALL TESTING CAPACITY IN MD!!!!

your BS virtue-
signaling will not play here, #FakeNewsMedia

VP: I don't know when the governor ordered the tests from S. Korea, I won't begrudge him for doing that

The slide is up now, showing the MD Dept of Health and DoD facilities having plenty of testing capacity
@VP say they are also deploying CDC teams across the country to do contact tracing and be able to test the most vulnerable populations - and they told every one of the Governors today

"Test ppl that don't feel well, keep a careful eye & monitor vulnerable populations, imm.-
deploy teams whenever we find someone who's sick."

@POTUS "look at that map. Gov of MD could have called @VP and saved a lot of money, look at all of those testing places."

POTUS gets it. This is a game to the leftist activist Governors. The same rabid activists have been
playing these same games. MD ordered tests from S. Korea, where we know their tests were faulty. CA & IL ordered PPE from China, despite US having plenty & multiple reports that China was sending infected & shoddy PPE.

This isn't real, it's all an activist plan by these lunatics
Q: SBA loans: is it right major corps & Harvard are getting a lot of money under CARES?
- @POTUS "I know one thing, I didn't get any! But some ppl will have to return it if we find it was faulty"
[that's exactly what a lot of ppl wanted to hear. Prepare for Dem earmarks to be -

FU: but should criteria be changed so that money goes where it's needed?
-well it's being done by pros, by banks around the country. But if someone got something that we thing is inappropriate we'll get it back
Q: S. Korea: reports you're negotiating w/ Moon a reduction of forces w/ 4 scenarios. Can you confirm?
-we are negotiating for President Moon & S. Korea to help us monetarily, since we have a large troop presence there, we're asking them to pay for a large % of what we're doing.
It's not a question of reduction, it's a question if they'll pay for our protection. We're defending a lot of nations who are very wealthy. S. Korea is a very wealthy nation. We've been defending them for over 8 decades. I went to them last year, now they're paying $1bn/year but-
it's not a fair relationship. It's a great one but it's not a fair one. HRC negotiated a terrible trade deal but now I've negotiated a better one. We're paying for out military to defend another, wealthy nations. Taxpayers of our country want to hear these things. S. Korea -
offered a tremendous amount of money, but it wasn't enough so I rejected it. The president is a friend of min.

Q: Gov Cuomo: in past Cuomo has asked for aid to be unrestricted, are you open to that or want it to be pandemic - specific?
[this is the thing that CHAPS MY ASS...
Cuomo (NY), Newsom (CA) & Pritzger (IL) gave college & healthcare to illegals, so of course they're billions in the hole. Now an emergency pos up and they use it as an excuse to get all taxpayers to foot the bill. HERE'S THE THING: you can't both argue AGAINST electoral college-
saying that's unfair bc it allows smaller states to have the same voting voice as larger states, BUT THEN EXPECT THOSE SMALLER STATES TO PAY FOR YOUR TERRIBLE FINANCIAL DECISIONS!!! Sorry for the all caps, this gets me very fired up] back to @POTUS
$8trillion to the Middle East, but if you have a pothole in the middle of NY they don't want you to fix it. How stupid have we been in this country (he's talking about working on US infrastructure). As far as the other is concerned, we have to be smart...we've been taken to the-
cleaners, by allies more than enemies, and whoever made these deals. Often we didn't even have a deal, we didn't have a deal w/ China but they came in & took $200-500 billion a year "out of our hides." But now we have a great deal w/ china
Q: Scarf Lady: virus, as it passes & mutates, have you picked up indication it's become more or less virulent?
-excellent question [and one we see a lot of speculation about]. We don't have any indication that it's less able to spread between people.
[this is another GREAT point
I've seen a large volume of leftist trolls fighting back against the low mortality rate with the "but muh mutation" saying that it's dangerous bc it can mutate so much.

Scarf Lady just called that Fake News. Put that in your quiver, fellow conservative shitposters, to fight-
back against the trolls who keep bringing that out]

@POTUS "what a good question, @johnrobertsFox where did that come from?"

Sen Schumer wrote a letter a few months ago saying we should use Adm's & Gen's. But we do, don't we.
Q: Meeting w/ Cuomo tmrw, is there a reason he's coming here?
-IDK. Believe it or not, we get along.
[He's burning down the FakeNews now for the BS narratives they're spinning despite how great a job they're doing]
"Why aren't you asking about ventilators anymore? That was all-
you talked about, but now that we have so many we're helping other countries you aren't asking about them anymore."

Q: [ah shite, it's the CBS stay puft marshmellow-looking female CBS reporter again...this shoudld be fun]

testing, you seem to imply talking about testing is a
personal attack on you, can you explain?
-it's not bipartisan, it's mostly partisan but it's incorrect (the media & politicians crying about testing). Gov Hogan, he didn't even know about the federal labs in MD. If he did know about it, he would've been happy. We have tests-
coming out in the next few weeks that will blow the whole industry away. It doesn't do massive numbers like the big machine, but we have tremendous capability. We've tested more than any country in the world by far. You could add up every other country in the world's testing and-
we're still ahead. But we're dealing w/ November 3rd. Do you know what Nov 3rd represents? No matter what I do, where we go, how well we do, if I came up w/ a tablet that gets rid of the plague, they'd say "Trump did a terrible job" bc it's their political soundbyte.
Not everybody believes we should do so much testing. The Dems want maximum so they can criticize. It's nearly impossible to get to the max, but we've done it already. We have a new test that will revolutionize the world of testing. It's not fair to the thousands of ppl who've -
done such a great job.

FU Q from same CBS Stay Puft activist hack:
How you approach WuFlu at beginning. I interviewed someone (sure you did) that said bc POTUS wasn't taking it seriously, if he said we should wear mask I would've, if he'd said stay home I would've, family -
members were sick, are you concerned that downplaying the virus got some people sick?
-And a lot of ppl love @realDonaldTrump , i'm here for a reason, we won in a landslide. you're talking about March, right? And yet in Jan we put on a China ban, and before March we put on a -
Europe ban, so how can you say I wasn't taking it seriously? I put on bans, Pelosi was having street parties in San Francisco. You're too good a reporter to let that talking point get the best of you. Really, you're a good reporter but you're too good to let this get the -
best of you. WHO covered up for China, I put on a ban long before the March date you're talking about. People should say I was way ahead of everybody. And Dr. Fauci said by doing it I saved 10s of thousands of lives.
-but you put on rallies in Feb
-I don't know about rallies,
I haven't left the WH in months except to send off a Navy ship
-you held a rally in March
-Did I hold a rally? I'm sorry. Let me tell you, in Jan when I did this we had virtually no cases & no deaths. Nancy Pelosi was hold a street rally in San Francisco to "prove" their was -
no problem. Many other politicians did the same thing. PPL are amazed at how early I acted. It's a very big thing to close down the greatest economy in the history of the world. But you know what, I built it once I can build it a 2nd time.
Q: @ChanelRion : bipartisanship, w/ the exception of Pelosi & Romney, Americans have seen amazing bipartisanship. For you, what's the most significant signal you've seen that political winds are changing?
-PPP, we got $250bn, next should be more going to SMBs & workers, it's a -
great thing, and that we're able to do that bi-partisan is a great thing. Pelosi is very nasty, she wasted a lot of time on an impeachment hoax, that was not good, Schumer same thing but he accepted it. That was a bad thing for our country, but it's fine, I understand the game-
but they wasted a year, we coud've been doing things great for our country. They could've been looking into China while this was fomenting. But I think we've had a great spririt of bipartisanship. The people are coming together. I think the people are unified, and the press -
foments a lot of this anger, but ppl are going to see we're more unified. But some Qs from networks are so hostile, and there's no reason for it. We're in a war. I did it early, but I was the last person who wanted to close down the great economic experiment, one of the great -
economic stories of history. But if I didn't do it, we may have had 1,2 million dead. We're going towards 50-60k ppl, that's lower than the low number it was supposed to be. If we didn't do what we did, we could've had a million, maybe 2. There's one country that decided to "wing
it" that's being inundated w/ death. I was someone who would have loved to do that, but it wasn't sustainable. It could've been much more than a million ppl, 1 is too many. When we say 50 & they compare it to the 35 of the flu. W/ flu we don't lock people up but in this case we-
are, and we're still losing 50k ppl. If we didn't do anything, number wouldn't be 5-60k ppl, it would be millions. BC I see so much comparison...you can't compare it. PPL of this country have gone out of their way. The first 3 days, then all of a sudden they want to get going.
W/ all the death we've seen, with our guard up, if we took our guard down we would've lost millions. Can you imagine? It would not have been sustainable in any way, it would have been an atrocity. The ppl who've worked so hard, and dangerously, I watch those medical ppl running-
into hospitals w/o gear, they're like warriors the job they're doing. 50k isn't acceptable, it's horrible, but imagine multiplying by 10 or more?

@POTUS out!

Activist media hack calls out to him as he's leaving, "can I ask you about Governor Hogan's response to me about what-
you said?"

I'm telling you, I told you. It's a f@cking farce, the leftist hack media and that leftist hack Governor are in on it together, trying to contrive a situation where they can try to make him look bad.

MD, vote that lunatic out.

And on that note, @POTUS out!
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