🐍 A thread on the kundalini serpent energy:

Kundalini has been historically represented through the symbol of the serpent/snake. The translation of “Kundalini Shakti” from Sanskrit to English is “Serpent Power”.
This coincides with the movement of energy released within your body from the base of the spine, up through the crown. This energy is said to be like a snake, coiled at the base of the spine, waiting to be released to your highest power.
Kundalini energy is awakened through mindful practices, such as meditation, mantras, yoga, dance, and energy healing.
The spirit of the serpent can be thought of as a rebirth, transformation, and healing of the old form (be that of mind, body, and spirit), as it sheds it’s skin and regenerates a new beginning. Snakes also represent eternal and continual renewal of life.
Going through a kundalini awakening can be quite an enlightening, life changing experience. 🐍
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