Thread: While we're all stuck here - let's revel in the lovely snippets of nature we see. These were all sent in on Facebook and we'll continue to share any of your nice photos of Wild Inchicore (non-human :) ) and surrounds.
1 Cormorant by Mags.
Under the branches by Naomi
Cherry blossom at St Michael's Church by Fiona H.
Swans social distancing by Orlaith M
Swanair cleared for take-off by Amanda M
The Memorial Gardens by Aude LM
Nature in action from Martina Marinova
White swans at Blackhorse by Aine H
Cherry Blossom in the memorial gardens. See them while they're there!
(mary Pierce)
Wildflowers along the river path between memorial gardens and Chapelizod.
(Deirdre Lewis)
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