ateez. ateez who has the closest bond ever with atiny. who does gg dance covers respectfully without changing anything. who thanks their staff and atiny first whenever they win an award and who always includes atiny in everything they do.
they are literally so respectful towards everyone. this is them thanking their director after shooting the wave performance video.
here is them doing gg covers respectfully
san being praised by heechul for how caring he is towards their back up dancers
mingi being the respectful king that he is and giving his orange juice to his seniors they would literally not hurt a fly
hongjoong asking for consent before doing the girls make up even though it was a make up challenge
they literally have the best bond ever with their fans and they care about us so much
literally the sweetest people ever
they literally include us in everything they do. allowed us to choose the title track. worked their asses of since debut so they could keep seeing atiny and making atiny happy. have so many fansigns around the world to communicate with all of their fans.
this is the same group that kpop twitter hates on every chance they get AND FOR WHAT? they are literally angels and would not hurt a fly. if you think they deserve any of this you are insane and sick.
this is ateez
yes i had to see this y’all have to see it too now cry with me
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