It's Black Friday! This is a tweet scheduled far in the future, just to show @reidman and @danup how this appears. Don't tweet this.
Hi, Dan here—working to confirm whether it is currently Black Friday. I will let all of you know in this thread as soon as I have more information. Thank you for your patience
UPDATE (4/20 2:27 PM MST) I am receiving some unconfirmed reports that it's actually Ordinary Monday. I understand that a lot of you rely on this Twitter account to know whether it is Black Friday, and I apologize for the confusion caused by this scheduled tweet
While I now believe it is not Black Friday, we're going to cut the MOTHER 3 Handbook ( to $25 for the rest of the day since it's the game's b-day anyway. Thank you for reaching the end of this thread; I will see you next time we forget about a test tweet
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