Tonight at sundown, #YomHaShoah begins.

Yom HaShoah is the Day of Remembrance for the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust.

As a child in France, my father survived the Holocaust. Millions of Jews - including many members of my family - did not.
As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, the phrases #NeverForget and #NeverAgain have always been a part of my life.
As we get further from the end of the Holocaust, and as fewer survivors remain to share their stories, many fear that the world will forget what happened and that tragedies driven by hatred will unfold, again.

The need to remember what happened is stronger than ever.
Hate crimes, including anti-semitic attacks, are rising.
Each of us can do something to prevent hate from spreading.

We can take a moment to remember what happened. We can talk with our networks and loved ones about the history of the Holocaust.

We can educate each other.
Tonight, at sundown, I will say a prayer for the millions who were murdered.

May their memories be a blessing.
I’ll be virtually attending @HolocaustMuseum ‘s virtual commemoration tomorrow on Facebook Live at 11AM ET.
Je t'aime Papa.
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