Lobbied for the replacement of rE heat minister Rabbite confirmed SSRH being examined. 2013. One official appointed (who was also looking after a basket of other policies, answering Parlimentary questions). 4 years later another official appointed who got it to cabinet quickly,
Cabinet rejected it for 12 months. -another year to get it ready, we have some support. Small uptake, burecratic, restrictive and [email protected] time to impact. So why have we failed. No resources appointed in @Dept_CCAE to deal with challenges. Has this changed? Nope....
New plan needs huge effort to implement, everything is way too slow in implementation. Like a decade to replace a re-heat scheme. Refit (RES-E) was planned to expire in 2015. Replacement RESS due to offer contracts in Q4-2020. Why? Same reason.
Solar planning exemptions “we’re working on it” 4+ years campaigning.... still nothing. (It’s a 1 page SI needed!!!) offshore - mess. We really need rapid implementation of the climate plan. Or we will see the same results over and over again.
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