It breaks my heart that I still feel like I need to avoid so many LGBT+ spaces and people because so many of them still uphold various kinds of prejudice. It's been breaking my heart for years. I can't fully engage with my own community because of this and that hurts.
Not to mention that it makes it harder to access already scarce resources, because some of them are still steeped in erasure of certain groups or insistent upon very narrow ideas of gender / sex / sexuality. I shouldn't have to worry if a service is safe for people like me.
I want to dive into deep discussions about our experiences, but I'm scared to because so often those conversations end up in arguments and people reading into each others' words. So I feel like I can't have those interesting, important conversations.
I really feel like we stop ourselves (as individuals and as a community) from growing sometimes, especially by getting too attached to singular, narrow ideas of gender / sex / sexuality and insisting that our perspective of those concepts is the only valid one.
I'm even scared to post this, and have sat here for a while writing and deleting extra tweets on this thread. Because there's so much anger and arguing in the community and I'm scared of it coming here.
I'm tired.
(Please don't reply with anything that could bring it here, such as references to specific common arguments or to any individuals. I just can't handle that right now.)
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