On May 4th, Philly will move to "Phase 4" of online learning (aka the graded part).

I've got a look here at the doc that outlines expectations for teaching/learning...and they are MUCH more involved than what's expected right now.

Will put highlights in this thread.

One big change...teachers expected to do 3 hours of instruction per day.

And it seems some of that should be "live" -- as in video chats.
Another big one...

Students can only IMPROVE their overall grades during this virtual experiment. They can't lose ground.

Uncompleted assignments will not be given zeros, but instead be marked as exempt or "blank."

And here's a big FYI for parents...

Students are expected to participate every day -- Monday thru Friday -- to "the greatest extent possible."

BUT..."attendance will not be recorded as usual, but as a tool to track who is participating..."

Interesting note:

Philly teachers are expected to "maintain a record of all communication with students" during online learning period.

More details here on what teachers will be expected to do during their daily, 3-hour sessions. Sounds like district wants to see direct, live communication between teachers and students.

For those curious about graduation requirements and the fate of HS seniors in Philly, here's a crucial section:

Here's the section on grade promotion:

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