Lagos is now seeing a slow spread of community transmission of COVID19 and as such we are considering mandatory use of face masks in our plan to contain #COVID19.

The rise in new cases is as a success of our house-to-house contact tracing and ramping up of tests across 20 LGAs.
We encourage residents not to panic but to ensure strict #SocialDistancing and good hygiene.

Let us avoid stigmatising those who have been discharged as this will encourage those experiencing symptoms to come forward instead of seeking private help and hiding travel history.
We have commissioned local production of face masks certified by our healthcare professionals for our residents.

Let us not give into panic buying and opportunistic price gouging which will deny our frontline healthcare workers of masks and other PPEs required to fight #COVID19.
Everyone needs to work together to avoid the irresponsibility of flouting the lockdown, hiding symptoms and travel history and managing #COVID19 patients at healthcare facilities without informing the @LSMOH and @NCDCgov.

We will continue to do all we can to stop the spread.
As we prepare to observe the Ramadan fast, we have a responsibility to continue to maintain appropriate levels of respiratory hygiene and physical distancing, and observe the restrictions on gatherings.

We must work together to beat #COVID19.

Let's do it.
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