#PalgharMobLynching raises questions on the #palgharpolice and the #shavsena administration!
Zero efforts by the #palgharpolice to move away the armed mob who was responsible for #moblynching of #HinduSadhus
The policeman literally fed the unarmed monk to the armed mob.
The 70 yr old #HinduSadhus was holding the hand of the #palgharpolice in a hope that they'll save him but the coward policeman had no courage to even take one stroke of the lathi to save an innocent life. #ShameOnPalgharPolice #SantonKeSathDesh
Who are #पालघर_के_गुनहगार ?
During the #MobLynchingOfSadhus one can hear the names being called.
"Maar Shoib Maar" but the #fakenewschampions turn a blind eye as this isn't the part of their #scaremongering
The armed mob shouts not to touch #palgharpolice and proves it planned
Why did the #palgharpolice not form a #humanshield and protect the innocent lives of the #HinduSadhus
How could the law protectors turn into psychopath who let the #moblynching happen?
These policemen should b charged for the killing or #moblynching of the innocent #HinduSadhus
The @ndtv and @NewIndianXpress call it the death of two thieves! The #fakenewschampions call it a death. Seriously? These gangrenous and filthy activists look for the religion of the victim to decide whether #lynched or killed. Their every drop of blood is for the #FakeNews
#PalgharMobLynching would not have come to discussion in main stream media if Sh @sambitswaraj ji would have not highlighted and shared it on SM. A mob of 200 armed men purposely came in the way attacks the #HinduSadhus who were travelling back to their base location.
Why was the #media silent?
What is the reson behind the #PalgharLobbySilence ?
Why the #fakenewschampions like @ravishndtv silent and blabbering around by twisting the facts. Isn't it clear? Or the blood becomes invisible when comes out of a body covered with saffron clothes?
There's no difference in the Indra gandhi rule and the present of the #HinduSadhus are being a victim of #moblynching
The government has to ensure the #Hindus of this country that they are safe smd should make us realise. Mere words and asking for reports won't help!
Thanks for the content @SabLokTantra
It tells a lot and leads to another dimension of thinking.

Pls read this complete thread
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