I just finished my interview with @TheFavoredWoman in which I touched on the need to protect the rights of women & girls especially in these uncertain #COVID19 times & my attention was called to this terrible skit.
What is portrayed in this skit is a crime. https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457
What has been detailed by this young man in this video is a human rights violation. This is how rape gets committed; rape is a crime. Too many women have shared these kinds of stories that have led to them being raped & assaulted with @NhrcTweets https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457?s=19
This video takes the fear women live in and turns it into a joke. It shows that even home where women live is not a safe space for women and normalising this through your art is the height of irresponsibility.

Rape is not a joke! https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457?s=19
From reports we get at @NhrcTweets, women are more likely to be raped by someone they know and not a stranger. This skit shows the person who shot this video knows this but chooses to normalise it.
Rape is not a joke. https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457?s=19
During #COVID19, @NhrcTweets has seen a spike in reports on Sexual and Gender Based Violence. If a woman needs food from you, you do not rape her. If a woman is stranded at this time, you do not rape her.
Rape is never okay.
Rape is not a joke. https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457?s=19
Our staff @NhrcTweets will be working on all angles possible to use this case as a deterrent against rape culture. We must educate and let others know that rape is never okay and rape is definitely NOT a joke. https://twitter.com/NastyBlaq/status/1252153729861779457?s=19
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