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Let Me explain you how this Oil War started in short!!

Arab Bhai- Apun Aj kal Oil kam banate hai koi kharid nai raha, warna maal sasta hojayega

Russia- u go f**k yourself, Hum apna production badhane wale hai
Tum ukhadlo jo ukhadna hai
Arab Bhai- Tum Miya Bhai se bakchodi karta hai?
Ab tumko batata hai

*Arab increases production along with Russia last month*

Now Arab wants Shell Companies of Us & Economy of other countries would be destroyed due to such low prices (done the same before)
But .. (2/n)
Us & arab countries cost for each barrel is around 70$ but for Russia it costs 40$.
Arab would be benefitted only if it sustains this period.
There is only one winner here,
Intezaar kijiye Agle Dharavahik ke liye,
Kya Wo Saudi hoga Ya russia?
But only one.
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