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Now #TMC IT cell guys are demanding 14days #QuarantineLife for #CentralTeam who came to review the actual situation.
Yes then specialist committee consisting opthalmologist & economist will clear them regarding #COVID19 wl get clearance.
What an argument.
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And 14 days r enough to hide the things.
Don't worry #CentralTeam to monitor #Covid_19 situation just arrived in #WestBengal & already Kallingpong is tight, by tomorrow MR Bangur wl also b tight.
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This Cheap Secretary is just a subordinate staff of central secretary.
Remember how many days your favourite child #RajivKumar was on run, then Didi's কোমরে দড়ি became পায়ে পড়ি at Delhi.
Then ক্যা ক্যা ছি ছি to কাছাকাছি।
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And now she can't seat for a Dharna even.
Just see within a year all self declared citizens will be forced to leave their abuses and boot lickers will be aware of reality.
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Truth can't be suppressed.
Chit Money
Syndicate Money
Cut Money
Ration robbery.

Wait for few months more, within a year you'll see all scamsters & their chamchas will be behind the bar.

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Already getting threats from TMC goons.
They're reminding me that I'm in #Bengal
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